Related Programs

In addition to graduated driver licensing (GDL) and driver education, there are many other safety programs for young and novice drivers that are offered by a variety of agencies.

In this section are summaries of several of these initiatives. If you know of other initiatives, or you would like your own program listed below, please contact the Traffic Injury Research Foundation at 877-238-5235 or

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Interactive (Classroom)
Classroom Resources for Teaching Road Safety
iDRIVE Road Stories
I Promise Program – Teen Safe Driving Initiative
P.A.R.T.Y. Program
Rollover Simulator - Manitoba
Rollover Simulator - Saskatchewan

Member Groups and Outreach
Canadian Road Safety Youth Committee (CRSYC)
National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS)
RoadSense Speakers
Safer Roads Ottawa Program

Driver Training
Drive for Life
Geared to Go: A Workbook for Coaching New Drivers
teenSMART Crash Avoidance Program

Drop It and Drive (D.I.A.D.)
Is It Worth It?

arrive alive DRIVE SOBER®
MADD Canada’s Youth Program
Operation Red Nose
Students Against Drinking and Driving (SADD)
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID)
Teens Against Drunk Driving (TADD) – Manitoba
Teens Against Drunk Driving (TADD) – New Brunswick
The Pot and Driving Campaign