Drop It and Drive (D.I.A.D)

Administrators: Karen Bowman, Tim Baillie, Bryan Fedirchuk
Sponsors: Klein Lyons, Young Drivers, CAA
Jurisdiction: British Columbia, Canada, United States
Start date: 2010

Background: The Drop It And Drive (D.I.A.D.) campaign was created by Karen Bowman. She did not create D.I.A.D. because of her own personal tragic experience from texting and driving, but instead because she did not want to have her own distracted driving personal experience. Her aim was to prevent this from happening to herself, loved ones, and all other drivers. But, on January 5th, 2011 all that changed when the call she was expecting confirming that her friend was leaving school with her 8-year-old daughter was instead her friend’s terrified 11-year-old daughter screaming “We’ve been hit! We’ve been hit!”

Goal: D.I.A.D. aims to end distracted driving by making it as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving. With the reality-based education program, the aim is to drive home the potential consequences of talking and texting while driving as well as other forms of distracted driving. D.I.A.D. hopes to increase awareness about this growing problem through blogs, social media and powerful on-site presentations. By making presentations to schools, colleges, universities, community groups, organizations and corporations, D.I.A.D. hopes to not only affect change within the immediate audience, but through the audience, reach parents, peers, co-workers and neighbours.

Program: The Drop It And Drive program gives reality-based, interactive multi-speaker presentations throughout Canada about the dangers and consequences of distracted driving. Presentations can be booked for schools, colleges, universities, community groups, organizations and corporations. The unique team of D.I.A.D. speakers includes a retired Captain with the Surrey Fire Fighters, RCMP and Young Drivers of Canada. The talk is energetic, hard hitting, improvisational and fully interactive with the audience. Attention is held by challenging the audience’s ideas, by frequently switching speakers, using PowerPoint presentations and carefully selected videos to ‘drive’ home the message. D.I.A.D’s research is frequently updated to ensure all the media stories and studies are current.

D.I.A.D. also promotes the “Leave the Phone Alone” pledge. This is a pledge that all drivers are urged to sign in order to avoid distractions while driving. The pledge is available online through D.I.A.D.’s website.


Karen Bowman

Drop It And Drive
Phone: 778-571-0372
Website: dropitanddrive.com