National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS)

Administrators: NOYS
Sponsors: NHTSA, Volvo, Toyota, Bridgestone, AT and T, Singlethrow, Allstate, American Legion- Child Welfare Foundation
Jurisdiction: United States
Start date: 1994

Background: On February 8, 1994, the first National Organization for Youth Traffic Safety Collaboration meeting was held in Washington, DC. This meeting laid the groundwork for what later developed into the coalition known today as the National Organization for Youth Safety®.

Youth-oriented national organizations were identified and brought together to explore ways in which they could work together to promote youth safety, specifically highway traffic safety at the time. By working in a concerted effort it was hoped that not only would more youth be reached by programs, but scarce funding resources could be conserved by not duplicating work to reach the targeted youth audience. In addition, and just as important, was the objective to involve youth leaders as a part of this effort.

Goal: To be the premier national youth health and safety coalition and promote youth empowerment and leadership and build partnerships that will save lives, prevent injuries, and promote safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth.

Program: NOYS members have participated in numerous collaborative efforts and activities to address critical health and safety issues. Some of these include:

  • Replicable cross-age mentoring programs from member organizations. Examples include increasing helmet use, zero tolerance for underage drinking and driving, car seat safety checks, bullying prevention, internet safety, and safety belt use.
  • National events that focus on issues such as violence prevention, safe and sober New Year’s Eve activities, and campus/community speak outs.           
  • Mechanisms for federal agencies and non-government health and safety organizations to promote their health and safety initiatives and resources.


National Organizations for Youth Safety
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