Students Against Drinking and Driving

Administrator: Students Against Drinking and Driving (SADD)
Jurisdiction: Local chapters in high schools across Canada

Background: Despite all the publicity generated against drinking and driving in the past few years, alcohol-related traffic fatalities continue to be a major cause of death. Students Against Drinking & Driving (SADD)* was established to reduce this tragic loss of life. It emphasizes positive peer pressure to encourage students to look out for one another. The phrase "friends don't let friends drink and drive" is more than a slogan.

Goal: SADD's goal is to empower, inspire and motivate young people to stand up and eliminate the number one cause of death and injury among youth – drinking and driving.

Initiatives and materials: SADD chapters can be found in local high schools across Canada. Each chapter requires an adult advisor, usually a teacher, but other interested adults are welcome.

Examples of activities include:

  • Poster blitzes;
  • Display booths;
  • Floats in community parades;
  • Public service announcements;
  • Chemical free social activities focusing on fun, not booze;
  • Drama productions;
  • Mock trials;
  • Mock crashes;
  • Red ribbon campaign; and,
  • Making presentations about SADD to other schools and groups.

To illustrate, the SADD Chapter at J.M. Olds Collegiate in Twillingate, NL organized a mock disaster involving a simulated car crash in which the driver was killed to remind people that drinking and driving do not mix. The Summerford Rescue Unit team demonstrated the power of the Jaws of Life equipment following the exercise by cutting and peeling back the roof of the vehicle.

To learn more about SADD and starting a chapter, see the links below.

*In the United States, the initiative is now called Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).


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