teenSMART Crash Avoidance Program

Administrator: ADEPT Inc.
Jurisdiction: North America
Start date: Ongoing

Background: Teens have the highest motor vehicle crash rate of any age group. Teens are 400% more likely to die in a crash than 25 to 34 year-old drivers. Driver education and training is focused on the “rules of the road” and passing a road test. Decades of research have failed to show a crash-related benefit from pre-licensing driver education and training.

Goal: Crash reduction in the 16 to 18 year age group.

The Program: teenSMART is designed for teens that have recently become licenced, or are in the “graduated licence” phase that requires supervised driving practice. teenSMART is an eight to ten hour home study program involving CD-ROM-based driving simulation, computer-based training, in-car driving practice and video-based home activities.

teenSMART teaches safe driving skills and attitudes that have been proven to be critical to reducing the risk of collision. Nationwide large scale control group studies in the U.S. have shown a 30% crash reduction in 16 to 18 year old teens that have completed the teenSMART program. The science-based program was developed by world experts (including researchers from TIRF) in adolescent psychology, instructional technology and driver safety and consistently shows impressive results in reducing the collision rates of teen drivers.

teenSMART is offered post-licencing because teens are more motivated to learn critical safety skills after licencing and these skills are more relevant after some driving experience has been gained. The program content is delivered using contemporary learning methods that work with teens. Appealing and motivational educational approaches and multimedia technologies enhance the effectiveness of the integrated and realistic subject matter. The product also encourages and enlists the participation of parents, who are recognized as key agents in the development of safe driving practices. Ongoing assessment provides feedback for remediation, and a certification test serves as an incentive for learning.


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