arrive alive DRIVE SOBER®

Administrator: arrive alive DRIVE SOBER
Sponsors: Ontario Ministry of Transportation, The Beer Store
Jurisdiction: Ontario, Canada
Start Date: 1989 (officially)

Background: arrive alive DRIVE SOBER (aaDS) began meeting in the mid-eighties and quickly assessed the summer months as the worst time of year for impaired driving and began sharing resources to address this need. It created and shared resources to promote sober driving with a focus on this high-risk time of year and trademarked arrive alive DRIVE SOBER in 1998. After 20 years of operation, the campaign has evolved and refocused a few times, though still offering materials and a variety of public service announcements (PSAs) to educate the public and support the efforts of member groups. The program stays on track by working with a marketing committee which conducts tests and surveys to check that the aaDS message remains current and appropriate.

Goal: aaDS increases awareness of the death and injury caused by impaired driving and promotes prevention strategies to reduce impaired driving fatalities. The program’s goal is to research, create, and distribute materials to educate the public (including young and new drivers) on alternatives to driving impaired. All messages, materials, and literature promote awareness of ways to arrive alive: Plan Ahead, Drink Responsibly, Designate a Driver, Call Home, Take a Cab or Stay Overnight. aaDS shares program materials with 400+ community groups, schools, police services, health units, and businesses each year. With support from the Ministry of Transportation, The Beer Store, and the media, aaDS provides a base of awareness province-wide.

The Program: The campaign currently has these active themes: "Choose Your Ride,” and "Shut Out Impaired Driving." In 2007, aaDS produced a sober boating PSA to promote awareness of new legislation regarding impaired boating (with help from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Toronto Police Marine Unit, Ministry of Transportation, and Yamaha Motors Canada). Other PSAs feature celebrity chef Rob Rainford and Toronto Raptors team member Jose Calderon. Campaigns include both radio and video clips.

Included in the program is the Operation Lookout initiative. This year-round awareness campaign encourages the public to phone 911 or OPP when they see a suspected impaired driver. It can act as an intervention to impaired drivers and as a deterrent to potential impaired drivers.

Materials: The passport to safety (which lists the current penalties for impaired driving and other prevention tips) insurance folders, posters, T-shirts, postcards, valentines, coasters, tattoos, and gift tags. aaDS also shares ideas for events with groups and hosts several awareness days with professional and semiprofessional sports teams, at golf tournaments, and more. Sober boating materials include postcards, a passport panel, and keytainers.  All materials are shared free of charge.


Anne Leonard
Executive Director

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