iDrive Road Stories

Administrators: Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID); Ontario Community Council on
Impaired Driving (OCCID); Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Jurisdiction: Ontario
Start date: 2009

Background:  In 2002, 193 people aged 16-24 died on Ontario’s roads – 47% were driving, 34% were passengers. These statistics inspired celebrities, road safety organizations, and various other professionals to collaborate on the making of iDRIVE, a video for young and new drivers that targets all driving risks. iDRIVE Road Stories is the award winning 23-minute sequel to iDRIVE.

Goal: The iDRIVE Road Stories presentation is intended to raise awareness among drivers and passengers under the age of 25 about the risks and consequences of aggressive and unsafe driving practices. At the end of the presentation and discussion, participants will be able to:

  • Identify risks and consequences of driver distraction, drowsy driving, impairment by alcohol and drugs, aggressive driving and street racing;
  • Recognize factors that contribute to these unsafe driving behaviours; and,
  • Develop strategies to avoid becoming an aggressive and unsafe driver.

Program: The 23-minute DVD includes segments on driver distraction, crash trauma, excessive speeding, drowsy driving, impairment by alcohol and/or drugs, and seatbelt use. Copies of iDRIVE Road Stories were sent to every secondary school and public health unit in Ontario as part of a new Road Safety Resource. Please check with staff at your school to access their copy or order through the website (see below). The video comes with a presenter's guide and is available in English and French.


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