Drive for Life

Administrators: Drive for Life
Sponsors: Aviva, RSA, H and S Fleet Services Inc., L3 DPA, Public Services Health and Safety Association
Jurisdiction: Mississauga, Ontario.

Background: Driver training is typically geared towards developing the basic skills to safely operate a vehicle. While the course content of beginner Driver Education Programs have not dramatically changed over time, the driving environment has become more complicated. On average, approximately 25% of drivers have been in a road crash over the past five years. There are significant financial penalties for being at fault in an automobile crash and insurance premiums can increase up to 50% and maintain that level for up to six years.

Goal: The Drive for Life simulator program lets novice drivers experience the widest range of challenges without the risk. It improves driver decision-making skills by presenting new drivers with hazardous situations. Traditional driver education focuses on learning to control the vehicle yet most collisions are a result of bad decision-making; not losing control of the vehicle. The Drive for Life simulator teaches novice drivers where the danger is by putting them in these situations without the risk. Drive for Life starts by training the brain, then the feet and creating safer drivers who are more aware of their driving environment.

Program and materials: Drive for Lifeis a state of the art driving simulator training program that lets participants experience a wide range of challenging driving situations without being at risk. The program is powered by L3 Communications’ advanced driver training simulator, which has also been used to train drivers in law enforcement, the military, and transit authorities. Once drivers climb into the simulator, they are essentially behind the wheel of a real car with fully functional instrumentation and responsive controls. Force loaded steering provides immediate feedback to allow drivers to feel actual handling and road dynamics during realistic driving scenarios. Three high-resolution plasma screens and advanced software create an extremely life-like driving environment with a 210 degree view of the road for enhanced training in intersection situations. Using drive for life's SPOT technique: Scan, Predict, Options, and Take action drivers will learn how to effectively anticipate and react to different high risk driving situations in the future.

Drive for Life offers programs for novice, advanced, corporate, professional and senior drivers. The “Novice Driver” program includes over five hours of training usually completed over three to four training sessions. The training modules provide the driver with in-depth simulator experience against a range of realistic driving scenarios. The Drive for Life simulator modules provide hands-on training environment for the novice driver to experience making real time decisions using the SPOT method.

The Advanced Driver program consists of two to three separate one hour training sessions (four hours in total) scheduled over a three to four week period. Drivers will receive hands on experience dealing with hazardous situations without being at risk. As well, the training program exposes drivers to a range of weather and road conditions on city, rural and highway environments.

Two major Canadian Insurance companies- Royal & Sun Alliance and Aviva Canada -have introduced new lower levels of insurance premiums to support this initiative for these drivers.


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