Classroom Resources for Teaching Road Safety

Administrator: Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
Jurisdiction: British Columbia

Background: Car crashes are the number one killer of children and youth in British Columbia (B.C.). Educators play a vital role in helping to reduce this carnage: they can instill in their students a greater awareness of, and responsible attitude towards, road safety. ICBC provides the resources needed to teach road safety. They are approved by the B.C. Ministry of Education, they support prescribed learning outcomes in the Health and Career Education curricula (Kindergarten to Grade 10), and are available to B.C. teachers at no charge, and for a fee to teachers outside of B.C.

Goal: The goal of ICBC’s teaching resources is to provide students with a greater awareness of, and responsible attitude towards, road safety.

Program materials: Program materials are designed for a range of students from Kindergarten to grade 12 and include:

  • Road safety activities for elementary students relating to passengers, pedestrians and cyclists; instructor’s handbooks for safe cycling;
  • RoadSense information packages for grade 10 students involving statistics, road safety risk-assessment/ reduction, and injury prevention activities;
  • An online lesson for grade 10 students that fosters the development of a mature and responsible attitude towards the use of a vehicle; and,
  • Video/DVD presentations including student-written insights into the provincial graduated driver licencing program for new drivers, the dangers of speeding, reckless driving and impaired driving.

For more information, or to download / order materials, see the link below.


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