Teens Against Drunk Driving (TADD) - New Brunswick

Administrator: TADD
Sponsor: New Brunswick Insurance Board
Jurisdiction: Local chapters and high school student councils in New Brunswick
Start date: 1986

Background: TADD is a student led program consisting of peers who share the goal of making our roadways safer by reducing the number of impaired drivers. The act of impaired driving may be broken down into its three behavioural components:  The predisposition to act or “attitude”; the act itself; and the consequences. The TADD program is based on the assumption that if teenagers possess knowledge about each of these components they will command a greater variety of skills enabling them to be more successful in coping with or avoiding potential driving while impaired situations. Thus, they may be able to reduce their chance of becoming involved in an impaired driving situation.

Goal: TADD strives to achieve its ultimate goal of reducing and eliminating impaired driving by:

  • Assisting in the elimination of the impaired driver on our highways;
  • Raising the level of awareness among high school students as well as the community of the inherent dangers of drinking and driving; and,
  • Promoting alcohol awareness through education and peer education programs.

The Program: Local TADD chapters are encouraged to raise awareness about TADD and its goals through a variety of means, such as newspaper announcements, local radio spots, posters, the Christmas card campaign, word of mouth, guest speakers, "peer educating" other students in other high schools or in junior high (grade nine), and fundraisers. Furthermore, the program has an interactive website where stories, pictures, and events are posted routinely. It hosts an annual provincial conference and participates in the National CYAID (Canadian Youth Against Impaired Driving) conference. As well, there is a TADD Contract – a lifetime agreement between parents and their teenagers – which is intended to open up dialogue between parents and teenagers about drinking and driving.

For more information about TADD and/or how to start a chapter in your area see the contact information below.


Tania Leblanc
Executive Director

Phone: 1-506-851-9884
Email: contact@taddnb.ca
Website: www.taddnb.com