Canadian Tire Drivers Academy

Canadian Tire
Jurisdiction: Southern Ontario – Toronto, Kingston and St. Catharines
Start date: August 2012

Background: Canadian Tire has been a general retailer since 1922. They specialize in automotive, living, fixing, sports, playing and apparel. In addition to their retail success, Canadian Tire launched a Driver Academy in the summer of 2012. This program, which is approved by the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario as a Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course, provides some of the most competitive and valuable benefits of any driver training program in Canada.

Goal: The Canadian Tire Drivers Academy strives to provide more than just driving lessons; it is driver education and training that helps prepare new drivers for life on Canadian roads by teaching new drivers both how to drive and what is under the hoods of their vehicles. Upon completion of the program, participants may also become eligible for insurance discounts.

The Program: The BDE course includes 10 hours of in-car practice with a trained professional driving instructor and 20 hours of in-class instruction in the state of the art Canadian Tire Driver Studio designed as a flexible workspace that creates an engaging and interactive learning environment. On top of the standard driver education instruction, students are also given a two hour instructional lesson for maintaining their vehicles which is known as the Canadian Tire Drivers Maintenance Program. Included in this package is a one year membership to the Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance program, which helps parents by giving them the peace of mind that their teens have access to help while they are driving alone. The program also offers “brush-up courses” which are shorter in-car training lessons (between three and seven hours) given before a student takes their G1 or G2 road test.


Phone: 1-855-61-DRIVE(37483)

Corporate Home Office

2180 Yonge Street
P.O. Box 770 Station K
Toronto, ON M4P 2V8